How a Sex Therapist improves your Life

Did you know that the average couple waits up to seven years to seek the help of a sex therapist--or any therapist, for that matter! By that time, it may not be too late, but it will certainly be a tougher problem to fix if you wait. That's because the longer you wait, the more resentment, anger, or sadness build up over time. Soon, your relationship becomes all about the problems you have, instead of being a source of joy. Here are five reasons to seek help from a sex therapist.

1. When you know you have hang-ups about sex, you should make an appointment with a sex therapist. It isn't fair to carry your baggage from relationship to relationship, trying to hide the face that you have a problem with sex. If you don't enjoy sex, can't have an orgasm, or have erectile dysfunction, then seek help.

2. When you and your partner fight about sex, see a sex therapist. It isn't normal to fight about lovemaking. Couples sometimes fight when one partner wants more sex than the other, or one partner wants to change something about the way in which they have sex. Occasionally, fighting about sex is a sign that there is something deeper wrong with the relationship.

3. If you don't feel close to your partner before, during, or after lovemaking, you might want to call a sex therapist in Durban. Sex therapists help people learn how to enjoy intimacy, not just physically but emotionally.

4. If you have a special problem, like having difficulty being sexual after a traumatic experience or a serious illness, call a sex therapist. Sex therapists deal with all aspects of sexuality and are trained to help you.

5. Does your partner complain that you are clumsy or robotic in bed? Come in as a couple to see a sex therapist to learn how to improve your lovemaking skills. The sex therapist can give you materials and playful exercises that can help you get in touch with your inner magical lover. You just need to learn how to relax and enjoy intimacy and touch.

Don't let stigma or embarrassment stop you from having the intimate relationship that you deserve. To find a sex therapist, you can certainly go online, or ask your physician for a referral.